Costume Contest and Thanksgiving

What’s up guys, Redlizard2015 here. So recently, Poptropica is holding a contest for whoever has the best costume entry.You can potentially win up to 6 months of free membership and the selected costume will show up in the store for a limited amount of time.A couple ambitious artists have already made some costume designs and posted them to the twitter @Poptropica.

@popPerfect Sky


Last but not least


So if you haven’t already started, design a costume and post it on social media. #MyPoptropicaCostume

On a different note, Idk and I have discovered an exploit where you can take SUI only items and make them into Old format. We can’t say how we did it, but please feel free to request ASGS on Discord or this comment section.

In the meantime, enjoy this #teddybear handheld.


About redlizard2015

I've been playing poptropica on and off. I took a huge break for a year and returned in 2014. I love exploring my creativity by putting together unique outfits. I play the guitar and I like to draw.

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