What’s Crackin, Guys?

Hey, guys.

Now you see I’m new to this blog. So let me tell you a bit about myself.

My name is DJVampiGamer, but I like to go by Vampi for short. I’m a 14-year-old guy who lives in Texas (yee-haw!), an avid Poptropican who likes to make a whole bunch of references to things most people don’t know about (the title of this post being one of them), and I’m just an all-around random guy. I run Trusty Bear’s Poptropica Hotspot, my personal Poptropica blog; Vampi’s Gaming Haven, where I post non-Poptropica related walkthroughs, gaming news, and more; and Vampi’s Anime News, where I talk about the latest news in anime.

If you ever feel like wanting to get in touch with me, here’s a list of my social media accounts and communication sevices:

  • Twitter: @DJVampiStep
  • Discord: DJVampi#0148
  • Skype: theathenaspawnergaming
  • Gmail: samconry42@gmail.com

I’m always checking Discord and Twitter, periodically Skype and Gmail, but if you see DJVampi or Vampinyl anywhere, just stop and say hi!

And as I always say on the TBPH: keep poppin’ it!




About Allora

Details about Fusion: - Senior in high school - Likes EDM music - likes memes - CEO, owner, and founder of Raging Phoenix Studios, a (dead) game development studio - posts whenever he feels like it, because he "doesn't conform to schedules well" - YouTube: Inktavia / Games, Music, and More - Twitch: real_djfusion / its_inkaa - Twitter: @real_DJFusion - email: samconry42@gmail.com

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