Hello Guys

Redlizard2015 here. As you might know, I am the creator of M.A.P 2.0 and various other programs. 2 years ago, I embarked on a path to become a glitcher. It all started with ASG, then SUI CEG and few others after that. Poptropica and glitching has gotten me lots of connections and I became quite involved with the community.


This is my character on a transparent background. Besides glitching, I  work with Photoshop to create emojis and memes. It will be an honor working with PTTP.


About redlizard2015

I've been playing poptropica on and off. I took a huge break for a year and returned in 2014. I love exploring my creativity by putting together unique outfits. I play the guitar and I like to draw.

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