Super Story Wednesdays: Halloween edition 1

Seashell here! Its been a long time since I have posted an SSW. But here’s the latest one!  To catch you up, I was getting attacked by spiders from Black Widow.

I was struggling. Not because of all that spider venom (well, it did make me tired and woozy). Not because my greatest enemy in all of Poptropica (well, she did freak me out a bit). I was mainly struggling to get out of the chair Black Widow had me tied and gagged in.

What I was thinking: Ahh! Spiders are attacking me! Wait, I’m a Nightcrawler, how can they hurt me? Ooh, if they can’t hurt me, I may be able to bend their minds to free me. Wait, these are Black Widow’s minions. Why would they help me?

What I said: Mphmphphm!!! Mphmphphm!!!

Translation: Help me! Help me!

2nd thought: Do I have my cell phone with me? I can call Banana if I do! Wait! I don’t even HAVE a cell phone.

That spider venom was really kicking in right now.

Suddenly, the room goes dark.

Then, the lights turn back on.

Black Widow was suddenly standing right in my face.


No, seriously. Her face was so close to mine that it was just weird. The sight of her so vlose to me made me jump.

She plucked the gag out of my mouth. Great. Confession time.

“Has my spider’s venom been driving you mad?”

“Yeah, and move out of my face before I drive YOU mad.”

Black Widow turned red with rage. “I’d be scared, if I were you.”

“Why should I be scared of you? All you do is send spiders that will turn me into a lunatic after me.”

Black Widow got to a maroon color now.

“Look, I really didn’t want to have to do what I’m about to do. You know, we really could take over Poptropica together..”

“Yeah, like that will ever happen.”

“…but I have no choice. I do not and will not regret the decision I’m about to make. One that is in the palm of my hand. Something that will end your life.”

Black Widow opens up her palm.

Inside, there is a scorpion. A very large, poisonus scorpion. One that can kill me.






About Orange Shell

I'm orange shell and I love books, basketball, volleyball, science, STEM, and, of course,, poptropica! Some of you might know me from Ultimate Poptropica Costumes. Some from Ultimate Poptropica chat. I am all time getting on the Poptropica Help Blog. Some of you might just know me from there, since I'm a commented. My best poptropican friends are Barefoot Flyer, Maroon Goose, and Barefoot Hammer, who works with me. I also am friends with Ultimate IPad Expert and Slanted Fish from the PHB. I also play Webkinz sometimes, too. I have met Silver Wolf, Mighty Gamer, and Tall Cactus from Explore Collect Compete and Poptropica Tips. I am looking forward to the future as a blogger, and hope to see you on more blogs around!

6 thoughts on “Super Story Wednesdays: Halloween edition 1

  1. No offence taken, and thanks for spotting that. Wolfy didn’t check over that one like she sometimes does, so there were probably typos.

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