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First of all, before I want to begin the actual informational part of this post, I wanted to apologize for not posting (since August 8th!). School has started and I missed two Mashup Mondays, and, well, I happened to get sick Sunday and stayed home yesterday. Great timing. There will be a Mashup Mondays next week. Anyway, this post is all about Poptropica news, so let’s get to it!

#PoptropicaArt Contest

Don’t forget about the #PoptropicaArt Contest that ends September 5th! That’s right, you only have about a week to go! There are some confirmed finalist entries…from Twitter, they are:

Congrats to all the winners, and congrats to our very own…Spotted Dragon (SydVC)! As you can see, the style comes in all variations, from digital, to marker, to colored pencil. Next up, the most recent confirmed finalists from Facebook:

10 entries this time! Although, Maryann R. and Tiger35767 had three entries accepted each! Impressive. It appears as if Instagram is the next social media chosen.

Poptropica: Lost Edition

The Creators are really advertising their new book, Poptropica: Lost Edition by Mitch Krpata. In fact, they had an exclusive interview with him (it’s pretty long):

So, Mitch. Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m married and have two young kids and a dog. I like to watch movies, read books, play board games, and sleep late. Anything that doesn’t require me to leave the house.

How long have you been working on Poptropica? What do you do exactly?
I have been working on Poptropica from the beginning. I was part of the team that met every week in a windowless conference room to brainstorm ideas, and also helped to lay out Early Poptropica. My main job has been to write the island scripts, but I also help with marketing and promotion, licensed products (like the books and Ubisoft games), making our YouTube walkthroughs… I’m also a real cut-up on Slack.(Editor’s note: He certainly is. His gifs are epic.)

Tell us something random about yourself that Poptropica fans would find funny or surprising.
I love professional wrestling. One day I will convince the powers that be to let me make a Lucha Libre Island.

What are your top three favorite Poptropica Islands? Why?
Red Dragon Island is a favorite because it was the first one that I worked on from beginning to end and really felt a sense of ownership. Plus, you know, ninjas.
I love PoptropiCon because it’s Poptropica at our best: It’s funny, exciting, and scary. It has great characters and varied gameplay.
Lunar Colony is also up there because the ending makes me emotional.

Favorite Poptropica villain? Why?
Myron Van Buren was the most fun to write, because he was so dignified and proper yet also a complete psychopath. I would not want to be invited to dinner at his place.

You can only have one ice cream flavor for the rest of your life. What would it be?
Vanilla. Because you didn’t say anything about how many toppings I could have, and vanilla goes with everything!

So, tell us a little about Poptropica: The Lost Expedition.
The Lost Expedition is about what happens to the kids once they leave the Viking island that featured so prominently in the first book. There’s a lot more island-hopping this time, and more supporting characters. But Octavian isn’t the only one after the kids anymore, and they soon realize that Poptropica isn’t all — pardon the pun — fun and games!

Can you give us some hints about books 3 and 4?
Book 3 will finally start to answer some of the many, many questions that have come up in the first two books. It’s also action-packed! Can’t say much about book 4 just yet…

Mya and Oliver battle it out in a game of Poptropica hoops. Who wins?
Mya would win because she’s cooler under pressure.

Oliver and Jorge battle it out in a game of Poptropica soup words. Who wins?
Oliver would win because he’s a total bookworm. Jorge would probably look for swear words, which aren’t allowed.

If you could only pick one, who would you want to partner up with to explore a new Poptropica Island: Mya, Oliver, or Jorge? Why?
This is really tough! I’ve come to love all three of these characters. I’d have to say Jorge, because when the going gets tough, he’s always able to break the tension with a joke.

Did you read all of it? Well, there’s a bit more, but I won’t put all of it on here. Let’s just say that the book has been getting great reviews so far, with 5 stars! So, you better get reading.

Costumes and Houses

Some more costumes have been added to the store, and they’re all free! The Creators really want you to buy Poptropica: Lost Edition since all of these are from the book. What is Loon’s Head Cane? And Amazonian Woman?

Book 1Book 2

This is what White Out does:

White Out

HouseAlso, we have a tidbit of information about the New Poptropica based on a recent post…houses! You were able to vote for your favorite house, but sadly it has now closed. #4 won by a landslide with 39.99% of votes. Sadly, the one I liked didn’t make it.

I think that’s about all for today!

-Silver Wolf out



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