I’m Sorry friends…

But, the Dream Island contest ends now.


Why? I won’t be home for a few days. I am really sorry guys that this is happening.

Anyway, the truth is that only one person entered the contest. Go ahead, read this amazing entry written by Kaliscene:

By: Kaliscene

Short Biography of Island: New technology has advanced Poptropicans to be able to do fascinating things, especially what was the impossible, shrinking by using the newest piece of technology to date, the Quantum Breaker. The Quantum Breaker has the potential to shrink people, but what has happened here? Your mission is to recover three soldiers who used the Quantum Breaker and went through unforeseen consequences.

Name: Code Quantum Island
Plot: The Quantum Breaker Beta was used by three beta testers, your mission is to obtain those beta testers before they shrink into the quantum realm and will constantly shrink to no end. Use the anti-model, the Quantum Nuke, to destroy breaks in the micro-life, and hopefully save the three soldiers, but soon you’ll see much more is up to play.

Villain: Macro-Marauder

Walk-through: You will land on Main Street and be greeted by a panicking man running down the street, ignore him for now and continue on to Feisty’s Gym, where you need to grab a Handweight.
After grabbing the Handweight ask the man what is wrong, and he’ll say that his revolutionary product has destroyed the world, he asks you to come with him, and the screen fades to black as you enter the Corporation building, and see a bunch of scientist, and the man who was running around, he reveals himself to be Dr. Macro, the revolutionary scientist who deals with size manipulation and that his team have been working on a revolutionary product called the Quantum Breaker, it was in it’s Beta states, but the Quantum Breaker has done something weird. They put three beta testers into the Quantum Breaker goggles and let them shrink, but when they tried to return to normal the goggles malfunctioned making them smaller and smaller.
They need your help, to get them back and that’s when you are given the Quantum Breaker X, a recovery device if the Quantum Breaker ever malfunctioned. When you put on the Quantum Breaker X, the screen fades as you go into a smaller world. Dr. Macro is on the mic with you and tells you the first location of a beta tester. You’re given a Heat Signature Compass so you can traverse the right way to the beta testers. You traverse the white lab floor as you leave the gigantic idols. The compass points towards a doggy door, which requires a key. Dr. Macro recalls placing a micro-key for the obstacle course in his lab pocket, which you enter his pocket for, this initiates a mini-game where you must get to the micro-key before all the trash crushes you, if you beat the game you get the Quantum Micro-key, which is needed for many parts of this island.
Use the Quantum Micro-key to unlock the doggy door and come across the first Beta-tester, who seems to be in a weird trance. They are training until they see you and come to attack you. You’ll need to climb into the air-vents and reach the other side of the room, which has an alarm button which shoulder distract the beta-tester, when you reach the alarm, press it, causing a loud ring in the beta-tester’s ears. Dr. Macro comes back on the mic saying that the alarm was for if any of them messed up on the obstacle courses, and only activates inside their goggles.
The Beta-tester gets out of his trance, and then talks to you, after everything that happens, he grows bigger, when you give him the Handweight, which turns out to be a Macro-developer which can make people grow in size, meaning you’ll need more handweights. Dr. Macro says Congratulations, but the challenges will only get harder from there, and tells you to micro-shrink smaller to get to the next beta-tester.
As you shrink, Dr. Macro tells you, that transportation is being held as close as it can be towards the second beta-tester. You are in another room, that seems to be a sound room, and immediately you can see a handweight, you can pick up the Handweight, then after you collect the Handweight, you’ll find the second beta-tester who is stuck inside a maze, in order to get into the maze you have to use the quantum micro-key and once you enter the maze, you are timed to move blocks and pieces out of the way to first find the second beta-tester and secondly get him out of the maze, once you retrieve him, he says “Beware” and you give him the handweight.
Dr. Macro tells you to shrink one more time to find the final beta tester, and when you shrink everything is unnoticeable because of your size. You immediately see the third beta-tester who is crying in the corner and tells you that Dr. Macro purposely trapped them into smaller sizes so he could drain them send them to the Quantum Realm and gain power and become godlike, that’s when Dr. Macro comes on the mic and says Well done, and you and the third beta-tester are made human size, this is the final boss battle with Dr. Macro.
Dr. Macro will use many strategies, using the macro and micro-energies they’ve made to become godlike, and he only way to stop him is to shrink him continuously.

Congratulations Kaliscene! This story was amazing! I really appreciate your hard work!
Well that was it Poptropicans! Hope you enjoyed the Dream Island Contest!
Purple Claw out!

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