New Author: Purple Claw!

Hello there. My name is Johnny also known in the Poptropica community as Purple Claw and I am really happy to announce you that I am your newest author, here, on the Poptropica Tips blog! I would like to thank my friend Silver Wolf and the whole PTFP team for inviting me here! I am super honored to be a part of this amazing blog and exited to see what happens next! 🙂

Now a little about myself, I am a 14 year old boy, living in England. I love french fries, nature, my friends and family. On my free time I like playing soccer, basketball and Poptropica. I also like to draw, write, ride my bike, learn, read, being a weird nerd and watch cartoons like Steven Universe and Gravity Falls. I run my own Poptropica blog, Clawtropica! Feel free to check it out! By the way, my Poptropican’s username is donatloul. Oh, and if you want to chat with me, I am on Discord!

Purple Claw

This was kinda short, but I really don’t need to write anymore, for now. Expect more soon!

Purple Claw


About Purple Claw

former Poptropica blogger icon by Slanted Fish

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