Super Story Wednesdays: Issue 4

Rah, rah, rah! Rah, rah, rah! Go Wildfire! Go Nightcrawlers! Oh, hey guys! Sorry, just cheering for my tribe in Tribe Wars.πŸ˜‰. But, who wants to hear some SSW? And sorry it’s put out so late, I have just been arguing with people on Discord over who’s tribe is the best Um, I mean cheering for my tribe. Here we go, let the story begin! Cheering and Clapping in the background.

Last time on Super Story Wednesdays, Black Widow is attempting to steal The Starry Night from the Early Pop art museum. Black Widow attempted to also lure Orange Shell into joining her side, and succeeds.

Don’t worry, this is all part of my plan to take down Black Widow. She said, “I finally have the Orange Shell on my side! Now to make plans to steal The Starry Night.. hmm, maybe we can make a copy of it, then have someone steal the painting, and replace it with a fake! And, Orange Shell, you are just the one to do it! Bwahahahaha!”

“Umm, m-m-me? I-I don’t really think I should, since I’m new…”

“Of course you can!”

“Uh, okay. When do I start?”



I then went off to go paint, but I was going to make a very crude representation of the painting, and never show Black Widow. When I was finished, I just snuck away and told the Poptropica Police Force what she was up to. They then sent me on a secret mission to put Black Widow where she belongs. I was up for it.

Next day, I took the painting, gave it to my friend who was from PPF, and put up the fake one.

After that, I called my BFF, Yellow Banana.

“Hey, is this Banana?”


“This is Orange Shell.”

“Oh, hi! Didn’t think that was you!”

“Well,Β I’m not busy right now, wanna go eat at the Soda Pop Shop?”

“Sure! I’ll be right there!”

IΒ walked down Main Street,Β andΒ Banana was standing on the sidewalk waiting for me. I told her all about my plan to take down Black Widow from the inside.

“But wouldn’t she find the replaced painting and you would be in trouble big-time?” Banana said.

“Uhh, I guess, but better me than the others. She’d torture them.”

“I guess so.”

When I got back, Black Widow ready to attack me. She forced her best spiders on me, but that didn’t affect me because I’m a Nightcrawler.

To Be Continued



About Orange Shell

I'm orange shell and I love books, basketball, volleyball, science, STEM, and, of course,, poptropica! Some of you might know me from Ultimate Poptropica Costumes. Some from Ultimate Poptropica chat. I am all time getting on the Poptropica Help Blog. Some of you might just know me from there, since I'm a commented. My best poptropican friends are Barefoot Flyer, Maroon Goose, and Barefoot Hammer, who works with me. I also am friends with Ultimate IPad Expert and Slanted Fish from the PHB. I also play Webkinz sometimes, too. I have met Silver Wolf, Mighty Gamer, and Tall Cactus from Explore Collect Compete and Poptropica Tips. I am looking forward to the future as a blogger, and hope to see you on more blogs around!

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