I’m Sorry, But…

The Villain Showdown is on hiatus for the next two weeks.

I know, I know, in yesterday’s post I said Round 2 would start next week, but I only realized that that statement was wrong today.

You see, of you saw the lastest post on my blog, I announced that I am going on vacation next Saturday, for an entire week. I’ll still be active and stuff, I’ll just have to schedule all my posts ahead of time. But you see, you can’t exactly schedule posts like the Villain Showdown. People will still be voting, some at the very last minute, so you won’t know the winner until the day of the post. It’s just not fair to come up with a winner before everyone who wants to vote gets a chance.

So since I can’t schedule the two Villain Showdown posts, and that I’ll be too busy to write them while I’m on vacation, they simply won’t be posted for a few weeks. Just wanted to write this post as soon as possible so I wouldn’t forget, even though I’m only leaving for my vacation in like 6 days.

See ya in a couple weeks,

Tall Cactus


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