Wheel o’ Fortune and Nine Lives Ad

Hey! Orange Shell here! Or, should I say, poppie-fied Orange Shell! More on that later.

So, as most of you may know, since I’m a little late delivering the news, there is now a Poptropican version of the Wheel of Fortune! Spin once a day, unless you land on Spin Again. When you spin, the prizes are 25 credits, 50 credits, 100 credits, 125 credits, 150 credits, 175 credits, Spin Again, and Grand Prize. The Grand Prize is one of the new Bronze Cards, which are listed in the picture below. Note:  it is missing a few cards. I borrowed it from AWimpyKidFan.

They cost a lot more than normal costumes, and they will probably last for about 2 months. And that Dr. Hare costume looks really cool. The Bronze cards were probably the items that were not very popular, or those cool exclusive items that used to be in the store. Moving on.

Nine Lives is the new movie AD in Poptropica, and its pretty cool. You watch this video, and at the end of the video, you get a cat on the head. And when I mean cat on the head, I take it rather literally.

Well, two more things before I leave for today. I am super-hyped for the Poppies on the PHB, and they are going to be on July 26. More news soon!

And lastly, I am having a new program-thing here on Poptropica Tips called “Super Story Wednesdays,” so be sure to tune in for it tomorrow!

Well, that’s all for today, so….


Seashell out!-


About Orange Shell

I'm orange shell and I love books, basketball, volleyball, science, STEM, and, of course,, poptropica! Some of you might know me from Ultimate Poptropica Costumes. Some from Ultimate Poptropica chat. I am all time getting on the Poptropica Help Blog. Some of you might just know me from there, since I'm a commented. My best poptropican friends are Barefoot Flyer, Maroon Goose, and Barefoot Hammer, who works with me. I also am friends with Ultimate IPad Expert and Slanted Fish from the PHB. I also play Webkinz sometimes, too. I have met Silver Wolf, Mighty Gamer, and Tall Cactus from Explore Collect Compete and Poptropica Tips. I am looking forward to the future as a blogger, and hope to see you on more blogs around!

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