Mashup Mondays: The Hunger Games

Survival AvatarThis week’s mashup was suggested by Brave Sky, focusing on Reality TV & Survival!

“What, SW? Isn’t that PG-13?” Well…yes. But, there are plenty of concepts similar to The Hunger Games that have been in Poptropica (just less bleak), and plenty of costumes, too! Mainly, we’ll be focusing on Reality TV Island and Survival Island. In those islands, the phrase rings true: “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

Reality TV Island

poptropica rtvi geyser guessAh, upfront this seems like an innocent little competition…but is it really?! Yes, it is. It’s kind of like a silly little Hunger Games. Instead of 24 contestants, there are now 8 (1/3). Also, instead of…violence, contestants are eliminated by voting them off. If you do the worst in the round, you will most likely get voted off! Although, sometimes, players just stab you in the back. Looking at you, Lassie Lasso. If you can’t survive in the Hunger Games, well, you also get…voted off. Plus, there is one clear winner, and all of it is shown on television!

Isn’t Game Show the same thing? No! What makes The Hunger Games and Reality TV most similar is that they’re both based on athleticism and physical challenges, which are quite difficult, may I add. And, yes, it is based on actual reality TV, but it’s cool to evaluate how similar they actually are. Strength! Luck! Endurance! All of these are essential parts of both Reality TV and The Hunger Games.

Survival Island

Survival of the fittest. This definitely touches on the darker side of the Hunger Games, where, (dare I say?) the psychotic Myron Van Buren tries to hunt you for his game! You have to hide, create your own traps, and form an alliance (with the person underground) to survive and escape Buren’s grasp. Sounds familiar? Think of when Katniss had to escape the Careers. She hid in the trees, cut off the tracker jacker nests to attack them, and formed an alliance with Rue.

You can find even more parallels: Myron Van Buren tried to seem friendly at first before he showed his true intentions, and President Snow practically forces propaganda on the people living in the 12 Districts. They both partially do so with intimidation, too. I mean, look at the image to the left. If I was there with that creepy mustached man, I would be very, very scared.


Finally, the part we’ve all been waiting for! We actually have all of these costumes on the PTFP, made by the author Spotted Dragon. Just visit our Entertainment page if you see one you like!

I think that’s it for our mashup today. Leave your mashup suggestions below, or even create mashup artwork or stories! Will I do DC Comics next time? Possibly. We’ll see.

-Silver Wolf out

May the odds be ever in your favor!


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Hiya, I'm Silver Wolf, more commonly known as SW or Wolfy. I love animals, books, playing video games (Overwatch, Life is Strange, Undertale, & Elder Scrolls), crocheting, and Poptropica. My favorite island on Poptropica is Mocktropica Island, and my favorite villains are Black Widow and Binary Bard.

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