Announcing the 2016 Poptropica Villain Showdown

Hey guys, Tall Cactus here. I know I haven’t posted on PTFP for MONTHS, but now I’m back with a new weekly series!

If you didn’t know, there was this poll series on the Creators’ Blog in 2011, called the (Poptropica) Villain Showdown.

Screenshot 2016-07-09 at 1.57.39 PM.png

After many weeks of voting, the winner emerged victorious.

Screenshot 2016-07-09 at 1.59.27 PM.png

But you gotta remember that this was from 2011. There are so, so many more villains now. Which means that this Showdown is now outdated.

That is what PTFP’s newest weekly series is, an updated Villain Showdown. Each Saturday there will be some polls, and you will vote for the villain that you like better.

Yet now there are so many villains that I can’t include all of them. That’s why I made some rules on how to decide how will get to be in the Showdown and who can’t.

  1. No villains from sponsored islands. Sorry Vince, you’re out!
  2. No villains from mini-quests. Islands only!
  3. Villain must have major role in the island and/or be the final boss. They can’t just appear for 10-20 seconds like Medusa and not even interact with the player.
  4. Villain must be human, or at least LOOK human-like. That means no Holmes, but Zeus and Omegon are allowed to stay.
  5. Villain must be clear and obvious. In islands like Arabian Nights, there is a character that seems to be the villain (Scheherazade) but they aren’t actually that evil to be considered the villain.
  6. Villain must be memorable. Do you see people making fan art or fan fictions about the Cat Bugler from Night Watch or those lumberjacks from Twisted Thicket? Not really. There’s no point in villains like them appearing in the Showdown if some people don’t even remember who they are or what their real names are.

Here’s the full list of villains that made it in. Remember, don’t vote yet!

  1. Dr. Hare
  2. Betty Jetty
  3. Copy Cat
  4. Crusher
  5. Sir Rebral
  6. Ratman
  7. Speeding Spike
  8. Director D
  9. Binary Bard
  10. Black Widow
  11. Zeus
  12. Captain Crawfish
  13. Gretchen Grimlock
  14. El Mustachio
  15. Mr. Silva
  16. Mademoiselle Moreau
  17. Focus Tester (Mocktropica)
  18. Safety Inspector (Mocktropica)
  19. Ad Woman (Mocktropica)
  20. Budget Cut Girl (Mocktropica)
  21. Ringmaster Raven
  22. Myron van Buren
  23. Omegon
  24. Octavian
  25. Booted Bandit
  26. Red Baroness

So yeah, the first round will begin next Saturday, see you then!

-Tall Cactus


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