The Feats of Speed Recap

Hey, Poptropicans!

Recently in Poptropica, sneakers were introduced. Myself and others have wanted the creators to bring this to the game, and they were!

So in this post, I will tell you how you could have, and still can [for limited time], get yourself some cool sneakers, and share with you some other info about it- like where the races were being held [which changed every week]. Basically, it’s a recap, though.

Onto the post…

To tell you a little about the arrival of footwear, you could win a pair of sneakers once a week for 4 weeks, on Home Island by talking to a NPC named “Speedy Sam”.

Talking to this NPC brought you to a race, which you had to beat to win your sneakers. Below, I’ll share some scenes selected for some of the races and a picture for each item card.

Purple Sneakers

For the first week, you could of gotten purple sneakers by going to Home Island, talking to Speedy Sam- which resulted in bringing up a race. This scene was from Poptropicon, episode 1.

Where it was originally you also raced someone- Cheetah Bandit- in which you claimed the oh-so valuable Power Amulet. This is what the item card looks like [for the purple sneakers].


Red/Maroon Sneakers

And for this week, red/maroon sneakers were available for all, again through racing Speedy Sam on Home Island. This week’s scene was from Arabian Nights, episode 2.

In the scene originally, you had to progress by… running away from a man named Brutus, basically. Anyways, here’s what the item card looks like [the red/maroon sneakers].


Blue Sneakers

For this race, it took place in Mocktropica- Mocktropica Mountain, to be more clear. If you haven’t seen it before, or forgot what it looks like, you can look below.


And, the sneakers…


Green Sneakers

And for the final race, you could [And still can, for limited time. Just head over to Home Island!] claim your last pair [or first] of sneakers!

The scene is from Galactic Hot Dogs- the ghost ship, to be more specific. Here’s what the scene looks like if you haven’t seen it before:


And, the final pair of sneakers, which are green, as you can tell:


Well, that’s all for this recap! Stay poppin’, Poptropicans!



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