Popstorm 19, and PCon Dates Changed

Hey everyone! It’s Trusty Biker. There’s not that much to post about, but we don’t want to get behind, so I’m posting now!

First off, we have Popstorm 19, which features two cute beaver brothers 🙂


And, just to let you know, the PoptropiCon Episode 3 dates have changed. I don’t remember the exact date or Tweet, but I’m pretty sure that it’s March 26 for members and April 16 for non-members. If any of the other authors want to back me up on that…

Speaking of episode 3, let’s talk about Arabian Nights Episode 3 for just a second. Here’s a picture that was tweeted, but that’s not all…

arabian nights sneak peak 3So you see a princess with her father right? Over on the PHB, author Brave Tomato made an excellent theory of Arabian Nights. And guess what? The creators said that  it was spot on! Click here if you want to know about Arabian Nights. Or don’t click there if you want to be surprised 🙂

Well, that’s really all there is for today. In a couple of days I’m going to be starting something called Tip Of The Week, where I give you some tips to beat the toughest things… It’s coming soon, don’t worry!

So anyway, I’m glad I got to give you that short tidbit of news 🙂 Hopefully I’ll do the Tip of the Week thing soon it’s up now! Click here! 😀

Trusty Biker


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