GHDI Finishers, Soundtracks, & More!

Hiya, Silver Wolf here! This time we’re going to give a little overview of GHD’s Map Finishers, Mystery of the Map, Poptropica Soundtracks… Keep reading to find out more! :mrgreen:

Galactic Hot Dog Finishers

So I’m going to try *insert more emphasis here* to tell you guys the top 10 finishers of each island when they release, since most of my New Year’s Resolutions have to do with helping out on the blog more, but I can’t promise anything. 😉 But anyway, here are the top 10 finishers of GHDI:

  1. GHDI 1First up is Scary Berry of Yellowjackets in New York, USA!
  2. GHDI 2Second is Nice Bee of Seraphim (because they’re obviously the best) in California, USA!
  3. GHDI 3Third is Bronze Starfish of Wildfire in Canada!
  4. GHDI 4Fourth is a Serious-looking Bird of Wildfire in Maine, USA!
  5. GHDI 5Fifth is HPuterpop, a previous PTFP author, of Nightcrawlers in Ohio, USA! Congrats, HP!
  6. GHDI 6Sixth is Smart Glove of Wildfire in New York, USA!
  7. GHDI 7Seventh is Squeezy Ring of Black Flags in Connecticut, USA!
  8. GHDI 8Eighth is Red Sneeze (you may want to see a doctor for that) of Flying Squid in Kentucky, USA!
  9. GHDI 9Ninth is Happy Spinner of Wildfire in Turkey!
  10. GHDI 10Last but not least is Grey Fire of Flying Squid in Utah, USA!

Congratulations, everyone!

Mystery of the Map Page 8 & 9

From the previous pages, I’m definitely getting a Wizard of Oz feeling about this book. But who knows? Guess we’ll have to read more to find out…

Looks like they’re in trouble! I wonder what will happen next? Go to the full novel here to keep updated.

Poptropica Soundtracks

Jeff Heim just posted his soundtrack for Poptropica Realms on Soundcloud! You can visit his Soundcloud here, along with listening to his newest piece, Poptropica: Crystal Realm.


But wait, there’s more!

~SW out


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