Poptropica on Android, Twitter Posts and Island Sneek Peeks

Hey guys! Finally managed to make a post today. XD So I went on Twitter a few minutes ago, and this is what I saw:

Woohoo! The Poptropica App is finally available for Android! Bet all you Android users are probably dancing in your chair right now. 😛 You can buy it on the Google Play store now.

There have also been two more “island sneek peeks” that Poptropica has posted on Twitter. Here they are:

Could there be a Galactic Hot Dogs Island and an island based off the Poptropica comic? I see some self advertising creators… 😛 They’ve also shared the 6th PopStorm, and a cute sketch of the Cryptids Island creatures.

Nice art! Wait, there’s more! Poptropica recently tweeted a reel with assortments of different videos that animator/ video maker, Tyson Burnham, has created! Check it out!

Now we all probably know that Shrink Ray Island is being updated, but somebody on Twitter asked what the next island will be, and they said that they might release Shrink Ray this Thursday!

Although it might not be ready, they’ll probably release it next week.

That’s it for now! Check back for more Poptropica news! c;



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