Poptropica Universe Episode 14 – Temple Run!

Why am I posting the Poptropica Universe episode? Well, if you read this article, you’ll see I’m a new Poptropica Universe author, along with TS and FF! Make sure to read the latest episodes of PopU on the Poptropica Universe page.

“No!” I shouted. “Trying to kill people is NOT NICE!”

I drew my sword and rushed towards Fearless Owl. It didn’t occur to me at the time that I was about to try to do exactly what I just said was wrong, and I proceeded to try to give Fearless Owl a haircut.

Suddenly the ground flew up to my face and my face planted into the ground. Fearless Owl had tripped me.  As I tried to get up I screamed. The pain from my knee bolted across my body. I couldn’t take it, and I fell back over.

Why did that hurt so much?

Fearless Owl walked over to me and then bent down over me. I could see the rage in her sparkling, purple eyes, and I was sure she was about to attack me in some way that would scar me. She did proceed to scar me, but only mentally:

“See?” Fearless Owl said. “Good gives you nothing, nothing at all. Good is useless”

And for a moment, as my friends rushed over to help me, I began to think that those words were true.

(“Are you okay?”)

(“She’s not moving…”)

(“Quick, Spotted Dragon, help!”)

But those words…

they weren’t true.

No, they weren’t at all.

Without good, what would planet Poptropica be? If we weren’t able to trust each other, then how would we have a working society? Sure, there are some bad people on Poptropica, like that Gretchen Grimlock, who I heard almost killed that Cuddly Lion fellow while he was trying to help Mr. Mews prove the existence of all cryptids. But the good in society always overcomes the bad, which is why our society works.

Re-energized with this realization, I regained consciousness and jumped back to my feet. My knee was burning, but I didn’t care.

“She’s alive!” Slippery Icicle shouted.

“LOOK OUT!” I screamed. A laser flew inches in front of Silver Wolf and created a crater on the ground right next to her. Incredible Carrot had appeared out of nowhere and had fired that laser. She looked more than ready to fire many more.

“Quick, let’s get out of here! We’re too weak!” Silver Wolf shouted.

“You little rats aren’t going anywhere!” Fearless Owl shouted. Three guards suddenly appeared and tied us up. It is possible to untie your wrists and work your way around your body if your fingers are all tied together, but our captors were smart. They knew to tie the thumbs separately. Drat.

“No one is going to save any of you now,” Fearless Owl said, grinning. “You’re as good as dead!”  

I looked around. She was right: we were all alone. There was no way Fearless Fox would be able to save us; someone might need to go and save him. Other than him, no one knew we were down here…

Incredible Carrot smiled. “I’ll leave you alone to do the honors, Master,” she said as she pressed against a rock, revealing a hidden door.

Just then, a soda bottle appeared and hit Fearless Owl on the head, knocking her out, cold. She fell over, revealing the soda bottle-wielding hero: Cheat Dude.

“Cheat Dude!” shouted Spotted Dragon.

“Quiet!” I whispered. “Incredible Carrot will come back!”

“Incredible Carrot? Who?” Cheat Dude asked.

“There’s no time to explain,” Silver Wolf said. “Just get us out of here!”

Cheat dude ran over to us. “I realized that you guys gave me 5 extra credits back at the Soda Pop Shop,” he explained while untying us, “so I followed you guys over here. Good thing I did, huh?”

No one answered, and we all sat still for a few minutes. The sudden sound of footsteps made me jump.

“So, Master, what exactly do you plan on doing with them now that they’re dead?”  

Shoot. Incredible Carrot was coming.

“What do we do?” I hissed as Cheat Dude finished untying the last of us.

“Now’s our chance to get rid of Fearless Owl once and for all!” Spotted Dragon hissed back.

“We can’t; Incredible Carrot’s after us!” Slippery Icicle replied.

“Well, I don’t care,” Spotted Dragon seethed, pulling out a vial of green liquid. “I’m going to do this. It’ll take a jiff.”

She took out a blue vial of liquid and poured it into the vial of green liquid, letting just a drop of liquid go through at a time. When each drop of blue liquid touched the green liquid, the green liquid sizzled and turned a bright yellow before calming down and turning green again.

“Master, what’s taking so long?”

Spotted Dragon started to work a little faster, giving the green liquid less and less time to calm down before adding more blue liquid.

“Master, are you okay?”

Spotted Dragon started to work much faster. She was hardly giving the green liquid any time to calm down before adding in more blue liquid.

“Master, I’m going to come in.”

With those words, the hidden door reopened and Incredible Carrot appeared. Spotted Dragon looked up at her before quickly dumping the rest of the blue liquid into the green liquid and throwing them all on top of Fearless Owl.

The resulting boom which was the loudest sound I have heard in my life was accompanied with a small cloud of smoke which surrounded Fearless Owl.

“NO ONE ATTACKS MY MASTER!!” Incredible Carrot screamed as she swooped over and prepared to punch Spotted Dragon. Spotted saw what was coming and rolled away, causing Incredible Carrot’s punch to miss and keep going. Unfortunately, it went straight into Cheat Dude, who was standing right behind her. He fell to the floor.

“Cheat Dude!” we all shouted.

“It’s… too… late. JUST… GO!” Cheat Dude said while coughing uncontrollably.

Incredible Carrot flew down and threw him across the room. He hit the wall so hard that the ceiling composed of a ton of rocks collapsed on top of him. 

“No!” shouted Spotted Dragon.

“We have to go before we end up like that!” screamed Silver Wolf.

“What about Fearless Fox?” Slippery Icicle asked.

“We have to go! Let’s go!” I shouted, as Incredible Carrot swooped down. She narrowly missed us and smashed into a wall. We ran out of the temple (a very difficult feat, considering we couldn’t see our hands in front of our faces) and hopped into the blimp. We flew off.

“What do we do now?” Spotted Dragon asked.

“We go back to base. Back to Lunar Colony!” I said.

“But how do we know that-” Silver Wolf tried to say, but I interrupted her.

“We are going,” I shouted, “back to Lunar Colony!” I could sense an argument coming on.

“But, my dear, that is not wise.” someone said.

“Who said that?” I demanded.

I turned to face a strange green fairy. She looked like one of those mythical creatures from Twisted Thicket island.


About Silver Wolf

Hiya, I'm Silver Wolf, more commonly known as SW or Wolfy. I love animals, books, playing video games (Overwatch, Life is Strange, Undertale, & Elder Scrolls), crocheting, and Poptropica. My favorite island on Poptropica is Mocktropica Island, and my favorite villains are Black Widow and Binary Bard.

One thought on “Poptropica Universe Episode 14 – Temple Run!

  1. Whoa it’s been forever!

    Lol since it’s been so long since Episode 13, I’m a tad confused onto what happened, so I might need to reread that episode again. xD

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