More of the return of binary bard!

Here’s some more of the return of the binary bard!
The dragon tank blew fire at them. Everyone dodged it, but it set Ned’s foot on fire.
“Ow ow ow! Fire!” He yelled. He tripped on the ice arrow and it put out the fire.
He picked up the ice arrow and said, “I wonder,”
Then he heard grape say, “Ned, help!” He turned around to see that the dragon tank had cornered Grape and C.J.
“Hey, stop that!” he yelled as he threw the ice arrow into the dragon tanks mouth. It went down its throat and the dragon tank’s head and neck turned blue. It coughed up the ice arrow and said, “RRRROOOOOAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!” It turned around and started going after Ned.
Grape Ran to the dragon tank and started pushing and pulling the lever on its side. The dragon’s mouth opened and closed so rapidly that its jaw was smashing its head. It roared and started going after Grape. C.J. started thinking. She grabbed the ice arrow and looked around at the dragon tank. She saw the spike ball on its tail and thought of a plan. She threw the the ice arrow just the moment the spike ball hit the ground. It worked, and the spike ball was frozen to the ground. When the dragon tank moved forward, it was stopped because there was a chain connecting it and the spike ball. It pushed harder, and harder, and finally the spike ball came out of the ground,but it went flying through the air, and the chain broke. It landed on its neck, and rolled down and started crushing the body. The dragon tank fell on its side.
Everyone gathered around the body and stared at it. It moaned and groaned. Grape turned to C.J. and said, “Give me a hammer.”
C.J gave him a hammer. He started smashing its head until it was just a broken pile of metal and wires. After several minutes, Ned said, “Okay,Let’s get moving!” and the continued walking through the cave.


About curiousgrape13

I am curiousgrape13. I like playing video games, specifically Poptropica, Club penguin, Minecraft, and Super mario. I like animals, especially dogs, cats, and pigs. My favorite foods are pizza and tacos. I like reading. My favorite books are harry potter and percy jackson. I commonly go on Poptropica tips for poptropicans. I have beat every island in poptropica so far. My favorite color is green. My adresss is [CLASSIFIED INFORMATION] and my phone number is [CLASSIFIED INFORMATION]. I'm very fun and funny. My favorite poptropica villain is binary bard. My sign-out is "and I stole your wallet." I love poptropica. And I stole your wallet. :)

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