Hi everyone!

Hey people! It’s me, Michael, and I just became and author on the PTFP. 🙂 I love poptropica, so I’m gonna make posts frequently, or at least I’ll try. Feel free to friend me, my poptropica username is sean27191. I have been playing poptropica for a few years, and I’ve been a viewer on this blog for… a while. I tried to become an author a long time ago, but failed. But now i am an author! Yay! And I stole your wallet. >:)


About curiousgrape13

I am curiousgrape13. I like playing video games, specifically Poptropica, Club penguin, Minecraft, and Super mario. I like animals, especially dogs, cats, and pigs. My favorite foods are pizza and tacos. I like reading. My favorite books are harry potter and percy jackson. I commonly go on Poptropica tips for poptropicans. I have beat every island in poptropica so far. My favorite color is green. My adresss is [CLASSIFIED INFORMATION] and my phone number is [CLASSIFIED INFORMATION]. I'm very fun and funny. My favorite poptropica villain is binary bard. My sign-out is "and I stole your wallet." I love poptropica. And I stole your wallet. :)

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Time to talk with other Poptropicans, Poptropican! :)

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