Yesh, it’s finally summer!

Hilo, everyone! This is Tough Spider! I know I haven’t posted in a while, and I know I haven’t worked on PopU in a while, and I know that nowadays I’m starting my posts like this every time I post. But now that school’s out for summer, hopefully I’ll be more active. The thing is, I’m going out of town next weekend, and I have no idea if there will be wifi or not.

Anyway, the creators have put another costume in the store! This one’s a fishing suit in honor of Episode 2 of Survival Island.


Why they didn’t put this in earlier I really don’t know. Oh well. 😛

Somehow, we missed posting about one CYODIC runner-up! Laura S. of Virginia submitted “Stormchaser Island,” where “your poptropican travels alongside one of Poptropica’s most famous meteorologists and tracks a dangerous series of storms.”

Blue Horse

And lastly, we’re so close to 100,000 views! The fact that we’ll probably be getting 100,000 views a bit after our 1 1/2 birthday (which was last Tuesday, by the way) is absolutely incredible. I’ll try to convince SW to throw a party sometime soon because of it. 😛


But that little widget in the side bar is right. The whole reason we have 96,824 hits at the time of this post is because of you guys. We wouldn’t be anywhere without you guys. I know it sounds really cheesy, but it’s because of you guys that we are the first thing that comes up on Google when you search “Poptropica Tips.” And get this: we are above the official Poptropica Tricks and Tips app! 


So thank you, all of you! Let’s keep making this blog rock!

~Tough Spider


About Tough Spider

I am a very political 15-year-old boy who likes poptropica, pokemon, DDR (if you know what that is), reading, playing my violin, and playing on my 3DS xL!

4 thoughts on “Yesh, it’s finally summer!

  1. Hey TS, I was wondering, would you like to be apart of our next script? 🙂 you are a fantastic writer so I was just wondering if you would. Alot of people are gonna write it on Google Drive. Sooo would you like to be in it? For more information go here;

    If you have any questions feel free to ask me! :P(And you actually write your part in the story.)

    Thanks! 🙂 ~CS 😛

    Also I’m sorry to advertise, SW, but I don’t know how else to contact TS… Thanks again!

    • So let me get this straight: It’s an ongoing story, and the authors cycle through a list of 10 people? So person A writes episode 1, person B writes episode 2, person C writes episode 3, etc…
      Yeah, that sounds like fun! ^___^

      • Kind of except a whole bunch of people write 1 episode. YOU get to pick a name and play/write your own part in the story. 😉 If you have no idea what I’m talking about check out the link i gave you and scroll through my posts and read one that was done about a year ago on Poptropica Secrets :DD Also make sure to comment on G+ or on the link and tell me your name so I can add you! Look out for updates and thanks!!(\^-^/)

      • TS, what’s the link to your Google Plus Page? I need it so i can notify you privately along with the rest of the cast. 😉 Also there’s an update on The Top Pop so please check it out. 😀 Thanks!

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