Hello, Mr. Dahl! More Birthdays! Yush! MORE BIRTHDAYS!!!


Hey everyone, it’s CL!
So, I assume everyone here is familiar with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? *cough cough* YOU BETTER BE ITS AN ISLAND *cough cough* Anyway, it’s the fiftieth birthday of CACF!!! Aww, creators…you’re so sweet…you can see it here from the PCB!
Roald Dahl says thank you!
The book was good, I actually thought the second was better…
Speaking of second, I wanted to say something here, cos this is a little out of my comfort zone…PLEASE STOP EXPECTING SEQUEL ISLANDS. From rules in the CYODIC, I have become certain that creators will do one island of the same topic. Episodes are something else, as they are all part of one large island. However, do not expect sequel islands. Just warning you.

~CL, needing FOODZ
P.S. I think I might do this sometimes, in posts, just something kinda random…as meh sig. 😛

P.P.S. I made the new Snapshot, and NO ONE can guess it. Those who have tried-pretty good for 1ooth snapshot, right? Everyone else-give it a shot. Maybe you’ll be the lucky winner.

P.P.P.S. XD I forgot to really mention this HAPPY 100 SNAPSHOTS PTFP!!!


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man i hope no one clicked on this profile in the last five years it was looking rough

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