Hey everyone, quick post cos I smell like chlorine and I need a shower ( XD ) anyway the diver suit is now available to everyone! It must have just been added today-I looked in my friends page and saw HPuterpop with it on, so I looked in the store and remembered someone on the PHC (I won’t say in case they don’t want me to) told me they had gotten the diver suit for me, so I just looked and-well, you know what I saw! So yay! Random words! *I thought we said that you would stop butting in!* *NEVER!* *I attack random person* *Find myself on the floor punching myself* Oookaaayyyy……well, get your diver suit now!

Screenshot 2014-04-14 at 7.20.14 PM




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man i hope no one clicked on this profile in the last five years it was looking rough

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