*hello? Is this thing worki-GET OUT OF MY ROOM!* *Sorry!*

Hello everybody! I have a brief announcement. Many of you have read (and loved)…


(credit to HP for creating this on the PPN)

However, I need to talk about it a little. I have recently been accepted at the PPN and PAw because they saw it. So, I’m a little busy. Since TOTI is my main post on here, I decided I will make one a week. And that’s where you guys come in. I will pick somebody each week who gets to decide when the next TOTI comes out. They will choose one day that week, and I’ll do it then. However, I have a couple rules for this arrangement…

1. Whom ever I choose will be shown on this post. If they do not answer within two days, I will pick my own day.

2. Please don’t spam, as with everything. Things relating to TOTI can go on Non-Topica, the page itself, or here. Nowhere else, unless recommending it to someone else.

3. I have a personal life, and my dad has me on Wednesdays, plus taekwando and my sister’s gymnastics, so I can not do Wednesdays-I’m just too busy.

4. Have fun!

So, I hope you like this arrangement (check back in the comments for your name each week!) CL out!!! XD

~CL (ignore the quote, I like it 😉 )

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life-IT GOES ON.

~Robert Frost


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man i hope no one clicked on this profile in the last five years it was looking rough

11 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. This week’s picker iiiiiiiisssss….
    (dramatic music)
    Silver Wolf! Thought I should let you go first, it’s your blog. 😉

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