How much longer will we have to wait?

Hi everyone, Tough Spider here. I was looking at the CYODIC (Create Your Own Dream Island Contest) rules page, and look what I found:

1. On or about February 28, 2014, one Grand Prize winner and ten (10) runner-up winners will be selected by a qualified panel of judges chosen by Sponsor, including Jeff Kinney and the Poptropica creative team.

Hmmm. It’s past February 28, 2014. I guess that means we’ll find out who the winner is “about” February 28, 2014.  February 28th was a Friday. Could the creators be waiting until the next business day to announce the winners? That would be tomorrow!

While it is possible that the creators will post today, it isn’t very likely. That’s because today is Sunday, and it is extremely rare for the creators to post on a sunday.

That’s about it! Sorry for the really short and boring post. 😛

~Tough Spider


About Tough Spider

I am a very political 15-year-old boy who likes poptropica, pokemon, DDR (if you know what that is), reading, playing my violin, and playing on my 3DS xL!

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