Chemical X

~Spoiler ALERT


“What is this mysterious chemical? What does it do? We’re not sure we can tell you that. We can tell you, however, that this secret mixture is available to those who complete the bonus quest on Monster Carnival.” ~Captain Crawfish

Well, I can tell you what this mysterious chemical does, It turns you into a monster! Dun..dun dun.      Dramatic pause for the win. As you read this message you notice the Youtube video.. what could this possibly be? Oh glad you asked.. Its my failed attempt at my time tangled timelapse! I’m probably going to reupload this.. because of the technical difficulties I had.. and I accidentally got thor’s amulet too early! D:

My sixth time completing Time Tangled, hurrah!  TT6

Anyways, I’ve started to look at the dailypop every so often…  I’m curious as to what they have to offer us in the next island.. dailypop3 dailypop2 dailypop1


4 thoughts on “Chemical X

  1. Cool Daily Pops! 😀
    BTW: When quoting word for word (For example, the Creator’s Post you included above), try using the quoting tool on Word Press. It is right next to the 123 set up button and looks like ” marks. That’s just how I do it though. Regular quotation marks, like you used, are fine too.

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