Letting Fox Rest.

Goodbye, everyone. I am leaving because I am way too busy to actually post on this blog; I have a very busy life and a lot of things to do.
I also have heaps of homework everyday, and I don’t really have time for this anymore… I have, over the years, not even touched my Poptropican account because I don’t really like playing it anymore… You could say I have grown out of it; it’s been this way for along time. So, I don’t see any point blogging on a website about Poptropica if I am not even interested in it at all anymore. Soo…farewell everyone! It was a fun time! But I don’t think I will ever be playing Poptropica again. So, I’ll leave you with how I discovered Poptropica.

It all started in 2008 or 2009, when I was insanely bored and I had nothing to do, even when I was on the internet. And I walked over to my sister to see what she was doing, and she was playing this game where you could jump around and change your outfits and stuff, and she said it was called Poptropica. So, I decided later to make myself an account called jobob269. I don’t know why I called it that but I think I intended it to be “Joe Bob269” or something like that. I started playing it, and I was having lots of fun. One of the first islands I completed was Shark Tooth.
Anyway, shortly after the late summer of 2009, I discovered the PHB, and that’s where the blogging really took off. I started commenting, and finally in early 2010, I made myself a WordPress account, and I had an Xat account, too. I met lots of awesome people, like Flamez and SM, and a lot of other people, and I started to comment a few times on posts; it was fun.
I continued to play and comment on the PHB and Poptropica until late 2012, when saw a link on a blog and clicked on it, and it led to PTFP. I thought the blog was quite cool and that it might turn into something awesome! I met SW and PD there, they were the only authors at the time, so I decided to try and become an author, and I put down my details on the authors sign up page (forgot what it was called back then lol), and shortly after that I became an author! Over that course of time I was growing tired Poptropica, but I was still enjoying blogging… a lot. After that, I met more awesome people, like SS, SC, TS, and tons of other people! Then came along CS who would always fill up the notifications bar! I didn’t really know who this “Cool Smarticle” was until I said hai. 😆
At that time, I was growing more and more tired of Poptropica and wasn’t really playing it anymore, until slowly, I didn’t play much at all, and at that time I didn’t touch it for like 5 months, but I continued blogging O.o
And then Poptropica Universe came along, which was inspired from TS’s story about Smart Jumper.
I thought it would be cool to include all the authors in the story!
So, TS and I started writing it (that’s when I really became good friends with TS).

After more time, I got released from the blog.

Then, I was back at school again and had really quite lost interest in Poptropica and was also too busy with my friends and forgot about it all.

And then I came back and wanted to be an author, ad it took a long time, and finally TS got me a spot on SW’s blog again. 😀 Thank you!


Now, it’s time for me to put down my iPad and stop writing this, along with blogging…
It was an awesome time! And I may… JUST may…still keep writing PopU, but TS can post it.
I will also be closing down Poptropica Universe Official because I won’t be using it anymore. And I will be resigning from Tough Icicle’s blog as well.
Goodbai everyone, and continue with this awesomesauce blog. And I might be back one day. 😉 Bai bai!
Thank you all. You were all awesome people to me!
And none of you should feel sad right now for me!
I am leaving because I really don’t think I can blog anymore and continue with Poptropica, because I don’t play it anymore at all.
Goodbai, everyone.

~Fearless Fox Out~ See you at the next milestone! Goodbye!
Special thanks to all of you: SW, TS, CS, TI, SC, SD, NU, BS, PD, SS, FO, and EVERYONE!!



79 thoughts on “Letting Fox Rest.

      • Oh, you saw that little…um…mishap with SW and SD and NU? Mostly SD, though. Yeah, that was really stupid. Now I understand it, so I’m cool. Hopefully in, like, a year or something.

      • Chill I’m sure he wasn’t even talking about that xD 😉 just saying maybe now you can have a better chance at author xD


        Sent from my iPhone


      • Oops. Forget everything I just said, then.;) Btw, my mom is back, so I’m free! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Sry went a little nuts. But the reason I’m so happy is because I was using my dad’s computer to play MCI and I logged into my email and forgot to log out. Then, on my phone, I sent my mom an email saying that it had been torture so far bc he was a jerk. Then he logged onto email and got onto mine, and instead of immediately correcting his mistake and logging out like any respectable human, he started snooping around (he was looking for Facebook emails. I have Facebook, but I only use it to get coins on games 😉 He saw an email once from Facebook and now he’s all suspicious) and found the email I sent to my mom. He completely ignored me after that. Oops,

      • Thanks, SD! Yeah, I don’t like grudges. They stress me out. No, I know, It was bad at the time though. More embarrassing than bad.

      • lol. it’s fine, I think that’s what anyone might have done if they were confused on how to become an author and just thought you needed a wordpress account. 😉 It’s nothing to be embarrassed about! 😉


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