Hello… my name is Pixel ^-^

I will try to post as much as I can, I do have alot of free time on my hands.. which I spend sitting at my desk playing video games, I’m so unproductive. *facepalm* I usually don’t join blogs that often, considering what happened with the last one. *It got inactive, members quit* anyways enough of the past, lets talk about the future, So the creators recently posted a video about Poptropica Labs. It was a fan-made video by Perfect-Sky< (CONGRATULATIONS, PERFECT SKY) If I was her, I would’ve probably jumped out of my seat and screamed o-o, Just the fanboy that I am

So the ringmaster costume is now out, one out of the three special items that are being released as MCI is being made. You can check the store and go and grab your very own ringmaster costume before its taken away. :3 You can also get your monster carnival extras on the info page —> <— MCImembersonly



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