Mythical Friends

Hey everyone! A new addition has been added to Poptropica once again. If you’ve seen the recent Galactic Hot Dogs Ad, you haven’t seen anything yet. The ads will now be Friends too!

Visit some Common Rooms and see if you can find Cosmoe! You can add him as a friend and see what he’s up to, just like your other friends! 🙂

Now, can you guess what the next SUI (Sound Updated Island) is going to be?

That’s right! Mythology Island! I was a little surprised because it was just a random island. I thought it would either be one of the newer islands, or once of the really old islands.



About Spotted Dragon

Art kid who's way too old to be playing Poptropica, but doing it anyway.

Time to talk with other Poptropicans, Poptropican! :)

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