See Ya Around

Now before you guys attack this post in rage with comments, let me just clarify that I am NOT resigning. So please, no worries. 😉

But I am going to be less active. I won’t be inactive, just not as active as I was over winter break. I’ll try my best to make a post every once in awhile, but it’s going to be tough, considering that I have school, and my reading teacher just doesn’t stop laying down the homework. When/If I have any spare time, I like to enjoy it with my family, or playing video games, or just watching TV. I don’t really have a lot of time to blog anymore.

See ya around. 😦



27 thoughts on “See Ya Around

  1. CS, can you email me? I need to talk to you about something 😉 And you can’t tell SW because it’s a surprise xD

    Sorry for Off-Topic, I just want to make sure you get notified.

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