For the New Year,

Hi Gs,

Traditions are catching, so I’m starting my own! 😀

Messy Sinker (2014)

First, you may have noticed that I have updated my Gravatar.  I whipped up this bad boy last night.  For the New Years spirit, instead of a sign, Messy is holding a balloon!  Such genius. 😛

FYI, I will be making a new Gravatar each year to celebrate!

As well as the awesomeness of new profile pics, I want to give you my posting schedule that I hope to follow (bold days are posting days):


That equivalents to a total of three posts per week!  Since I am on 3 blogs at the moment, I am setting the viewer on a little scavenger hunt to find all my new content: 1 of the 3 will be a different post and different content than the others.  Be sure to check all the of my blogs! 🙂



About HPuterpop

I'm Andrew Wiles, although on this account I'm known as HPuterpop. I've played Poptropica since 2007, the year it started. I play on the users puterpop and puterpoptropica. I'm a graphic designer, editor on the Poptropica Help Blog, and executive manager on the Poptropica Wiki. Check out my links to find out what I'm doing at the moment - I like to stay active in the community and always have a couple projects in the works. Consider subscribing to my YouTube channel and following me on Google+. I would greatly appreciate it. I'd like to stress how easy it is to contact me, so if you do need to, is the one to contact. Thanks for reading, I'll see you soon. :) And thanks to Muzzki for my current profile pic!

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