Hehe, I never thought I’d ever get to say that! xD ^^

Sooooo, I’m back! 😀 Yeah, I was going to quit blogging, but I changed my mind. 😛 AND I’M GLAD I DID! :mrgreen: Thank you so much for hiring me again, Wolfy! 😀

So, if you don’t know me, I’m Cool Smarticle, but you can call me CS, Rose, or StormBoomingRed if you want. 🙂 I’ve been playing Poptropica ever since 2010 or 2011. My Poptropica username is classified, so please don’t ask for it.  😉 My favorite Island just so happens to be Monster Carnival Island, the island that never became an actual island.  I can’t say what my least favorite island is, because…… I don’t have one! 🙂 I am proud to be apart of the Seraphim tripe. Outside of Poptropica and my blogging life, I love watching Doctor Who, (Yes I am a Whovian), watching Pokemon, playing Sonic the Hedgehog related video games, and listening to music, preferably to the bands Crush 40, Skillet, Three Days Grace, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Owl City, and There for Tomorrow.

Well, that’s it! 😀 See ya guys later!

~Storm (I’m trying to think of a new sign off. xD )


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