Mocktropica Glitches and the Un-released

Hi Gs,

Today, my scattered brain has pulled together a few things…


Well, first, credit goes to Anonymous.  This glitch may allow non-members to sneak past the safety inspector on to the mountain, without the narfs!  All you have to do is;

1. Jump on top of the hut in which the safety inspector is standing in.

2. Click him, and select a speech bubble.

3. You will fall under the whole scene.  You will only be able to see half of your body.

4. Run to the other side of the page, and go left!

Non-members: do it fast, before the creators patch it! 😀

Now, onto the un-released.  The name of the lost employee is revealed: his name will be Hertz!  This really doesn’t mean anything, but I guess its a nice trivia. 😛

Also, I have found something quite odd and new.  No one has mentioned it, so I guess I will.  There is a new ad unit in Poptropica!  No, not the one in Mocktropica, something else, but very fitting.  It’s not obnoxious as much as it is cool.  I’ll let you figure it out in this picture:


You saw correctly.  Advertisements will now have their own accounts!  I’m sure not all of them, but this one sure does!  And its not just some kid messing around.  The photos are completely Galactic Hot Dogs, as well as the tablets!  His name is even Cosmoe!  Well done creators.

I found the little dude in a multiplayer room. I guess that is where they will be.  It’s a little more creative, I think, than those little stands they had in the common rooms for some time.  THOSE things were annoying. 😛



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