Monthly Winners

Now, it’s your time to vote! Remember: there will be a poll for every month for all three categories. Just don’t vote for yourself. 😉 If the person you want to vote for isn’t on the poll, send an email to the PTFP email, and we will count your vote! Time for…

Snapshot Champion of the Month:

Remember this also: If you want to become Snapshot Champion of the Month, guess often, and for every 10 correct guesses, you can send your own Snapshot to the PTFP email! Make the subject, “Snapshot Entry – SW Only,” and put the answer to the Snapshot in the body, along with the picture.

Author of the Month:

Poptropican of the Month:

Thanks for voting!! The voting time period will end on December 6, 2013. Also, get ready for the PTFP’s birthday on December 12, 2013! There will be a surprise!


About Silver Wolf

Hiya, I'm Silver Wolf, more commonly known as SW or Wolfy. I love animals, books, playing video games (Overwatch, Life is Strange, Undertale, & Elder Scrolls), crocheting, and Poptropica. My favorite island on Poptropica is Mocktropica Island, and my favorite villains are Black Widow and Binary Bard.

18 thoughts on “Monthly Winners

  1. Did you forget FF and SC, or did you purposely not put them in the poll? I mean they are authors, so they should be in the poll too.

  2. No offense, but Nameless has already won the Snapshot Champion of the Month and she is in the poll. I just think that people who haven’t won yet should be in the poll (And I know there is an “other option”)
    Also, for the AM, why are only 5 of us listed? You (SW) and the other authors should be included as well. 😉

    • Well no offense to everyone, but there aren’t too many who are active on that page, and since (I believe) she took nominations……..

      Maybe she’s doing am like paw… Where we only do a portion of the authors because of the number…


      Sent from my iPhone


      • I’m sorry, I’m typing fast because my battery’s down to 7%. I understand what you’re saying, everyone deserves a chance. I’m standing there a lot of the time, which is why I try not to have the same PAM.s each month


        Sent from my iPhone


  3. Well my cell won’t load my votes so I’ll have to wait till I’m on my laptop, and I don’t want to comment who I voted for… Oh well, you’ll see my votes up tomorrow I suppose.

    Let me know if there’s anything I can do now that I’m back home to my laptop?


    Sent from my iPhone


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