Hard Luck Mini-Game!

There’s a Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck, mini-game on Poptropica! I found it on Early Poptropica, and here’s what you do to beat it:

Hard luck minigame

When you hit start, walk through. I’m going to go in order… Start at the Wheel Of Misfortune, and click on it, then click on both wheels. Then go to Greg’s Dad, and throw a dart. I aimed at the top of each target. Next is Susan’s (Greg’s Mom), throw darts at the balloon’s and move on. Next we’ll do Fregley, and all you have to do is manage to click the ball twice. Now go to Rodrick’s Booth, and click on the Crystal Ball; you win!

You’ll get the Raining 8 Balls prize card, and an 8 Ball costume.

Let me know what you got? I got (In order of booths)

Job: Nervous Author (Just like I wanted!)
Home: Large Tree
Pet: Giant Guard Dog
Vehicle: Rusty Bicycle
Love: Smart Firefighter

~~Nameless (I wonder if this is how Poptropica picks our names O_o )

PS: PAw is having a competition for the no-mouth glitch, free! And I got a new Rare Account, friend me: partypoopa1


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10 thoughts on “Hard Luck Mini-Game!

  1. Job: Cute Ballet Dancer (Err… okay)
    House: Broken Mansion (what an interesting combination)
    Pet: A cuddly kitten :3
    Vehicle: Small Motorcycle (not sure whether it’s a good or bad thing, but okay)
    Love: Strong Veterinarian (as long as he’s good lookin’, I’m cool)

    I have a pretty interesting future… hehe.

  2. Job: Nervous Brain Surgeon (Isn’t that, like, the worst combination? I am NOT the doctor type… 😛 )
    House: Old House Boat (Again, not my thing…)
    Pet: Baby Guard Dog (I do like dogs… 😆 )
    Ride: Big Speedboat (I’m not a water lover, but I guess that’s pretty cool.)
    Love: Graceful Veterinarian (I like animals and all, but what the heck???)
    All in all, I think I have the worst of luck. 😛

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