Stop Bullying ASAP!

Remember this sneak peek?

Poptopics Logo.

Well, it’s here! On Adventure Time Pop, I made a magazine, with a bit of help from Silver Wolf. It was mainly about Bully Awareness, since October is Anti-Bully Month. Here is the page of the magazine with the bully article, written by SW:

ATPT Issue 1 Page 2-3

To see the rest of the magazine, click here. Hope you like it! Sadly, this magazine thing is going to try to be an ATP only thing.

Anyway, GTG! 😉

Small edit by SW:

Here’s a portion that had to be cut off because there wasn’t enough space (you did an AWESOME job, SD):

You can see how bullying can affect people by watching movies, such as Cyberbully (this movie is not copyrighted and can be viewed on YouTube, but it is PG-13, so ask your parents before watching it), Odd Girl Out (PG-13), and many others. YouTube provides many shows about bullying, so make sure to watch those, too. Also, remember bullying can happen to anyone, including adults. If you or someone else is being bullied but to afraid to tell someone, visit (PG-13). This site can help greatly.


P.S. I will be gone all (long) weekend. 😦


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