So many updates! … Can’t resist!!!! O_O

Well, I hate to post 3 times in a row unless I’m on my own blog, but there are so many Poptropica Updates right now, I can’t help it… Here are the latest announcements from the Poptropica Creator’s Blog:

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A monstrously good time

In real life, you usually have to stick with one Halloween costume. In Poptropica, there are tons of creepy costumes for you to enjoy. Above are just three of the seasonal outfits available to you in the Poptropica Store — and there are more where that came from!

There are two ways to get costumes from the Poptropica Store. You can earn credits by beating Islands and use those to purchase costumes. Or you can become a Member and get unlimited use of everything in the Poptropica Store for as long as your Membership is active.

Either way, you’ll look great!

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Virus Hunter and Back Lot Island walkthroughs now available!

Are you stuck on Virus Hunter Island? Can’t find Patient Zero? Need a little help figuring out how to zap the brain virus? You’re in luck! The Virus Hunter Island walkthrough is now available in the Poptropica Tips and Tricks app.

That’s not all — the latest, timely update also includes a full walkthrough for Back Lot Island. As always, every guide in this app is absolutely FREE to download.

To download for your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, visit the App store.

To download for your Android device, visit Google Play.


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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Blast off with a new Poptropica book!

If you haven’t noticed, we’re on a bit of an astronaut kick around here. That’s because Poptopics: Space Travel will be hitting stores this Thursday!

This non-fiction book explores the real-life facts that inspired some of our best Islands, like Lunar Colony and Astro-Knights. Get ready to find out the answers to your burning questions about the cosmos.

Questions like:

  • How old is the universe?
  • Where do black holes come from?
  • How do astronauts go to the bathroom in space?

For all this incredible info and more, check out Poptopics: Space Travel— available Thursday, October 17!

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Well, on the costumes, I don’t know what you’re going as 😀 But I’m going as THE Teenage Daughter Of Hades… Maybe tell me what you’re going as in the comments?  On to the next subject, the guides? Well, I deleted the app when I downloaded iOS7 to make space, and even though I have enough now (I prefer music over apps), I have yet to re-download it. It seems interesting, so let me know if you guys like the guides that Poptropica has given us.  The Book: I’m probably not going to get the book. My parents don’t like me asking them to buy books (And I’m too cheap and lazy to buy them myself / earn the money for them), I finish them too quickly or something, but it looks interesting. I mean, I have to study space every beginning of the school year when I test my new curriculum (I’m homeschooled). So, I think those are all of the updates for now.
PS: Another Super POWer Island Guide (Written) will be up soon. I just finished it, and it has a different look than most guides, so look for that in the menu? 
~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

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