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I know I just joined and that I just recently made my intro post, but I talked to SW about it, and she said that it was okay since we’ve been updating things for the past couple of hours. SW mostly did grammar edits, and here is a list of things that have been updated. (Both grammar edits and additions).

  • Poptropica Universe Page Updated so it now features Episode 11 – Balloons and Traitors
  • Artwork Page Now has art that is allowed to be featured 😆 Check out some of my own art now added
  • About The Authors I’m now featured, so check out my account names
  • The Nameless Adventures Page Now there is one! I will be adding the full episodes when I get more time, I’ve been busy. Not to mention it’s super late where I live.
  • As Poptropica Turns Page This page is for my Poptropica Story Series, and all of its released episodes. M joining made me realize that I had yet to post Ep. 3 so I posted it, and added. Check out the official site HERE.
  • Other Games Page Silver Wolf updated this with more than just grammar edits, I believe. Check out the latest game review from SW
  • A New Snapshot  SW said I could do the next one, give you guys a chance at getting my username. So, snapshot 74 has been added! Guess away Poptropicans 😉
  • Keep Guessing TFP’sI’ve been waiting forever so please keep guessing #4 on the TFP list!? PLEASE!!?!?!

I think I’m missing some stuff, so reread this post soon for updates?

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed (And Silver Wolf)


SW asked me to inform you all of the TFP’s released so far… Here ya’ go:

  1. Snapshot Stuff
  2. Artwork
  3. Costumes
  4. Coming INSANELY SOON!!! SW said to apologize for the long wait, it’ll be here soon.

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