Possible New Upcoming Mining Island?

I’ve been looked through the pictures in the Sneak Peeks section of the Daily Pop and I keep seeing photos of underground caverns and equipment. There’s a lot of photos so I’ll post a few. 

Poptropica Gold 4 Poptropica Gold PTFP pic 1 PTFP pic 2 PTFP pic 3 PTFP pic 4 PTFP pic 5 PTFP pic 6


If you want to see the other ones they’re all on Poptropica. 

We’ll definitely be getting some sort of underground themed island in the near future. I’m thinking there’s some sort of advanced race living underground from all the technology in some of the pictures. I guess the plot will be something like we’re originally planning to go mining for gold and we accidentally upset this group of under-grounders and we have to restore the balance. There’s a lot of pictures of interesting crystals so we might of lost the one crystal that holds this underground civilization together? I don’t know, it’s just a theory I’ve come up with. What are your guy’s theories? 

On a side note, I’m very sorry for being unactive. School is just so distracting, hopefully after things settle down I’ll be active again. 


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Life is a journey, an adventure, a road with twists and turns. Something that I'm in love with. I hope my life is full of friends and loved ones. I'll forever love life.

10 thoughts on “Possible New Upcoming Mining Island?

  1. Thanks for making your post!! I was under A LOT pressure to remove you… I don’t want to 😦 Anywhoo, thanks for making your post 😀 (Does anyone like my new gravatar?)

  2. I noticed that on some of the pictures in Daily Pop, the captions were kind of making references to pop culture. There was one picture with a toilet in it, the caption said “In our game of thrones, everybody wins.” I don’t know whether it’s just me or not.

  3. Si, PLEASE check your email??!! I’ve been emailing you for a while 😦


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