It’s Almost Here…

Virus Hunter Island


As you can see they’ve added Virus Hunter Island to the map. Sadly we can’t play it yet, but this is a sign that it should be here pretty soon. Beside it you can also see the ‘Create Your Own Island Contest’ which sadly some of us can’t participate in due to rules 😦 Oh well, at least we have Virus Hunter Island to keep us happy.


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13 thoughts on “It’s Almost Here…

  1. I’m gonna give my younger cousin my contest details and see if she wins 😦 😥 It stinks that you have to be 9-12 to enter. I mean Poptropica age details when you create New Player are 6 to 15, so how’s THIS fair?? Stinking Creator’s. Maybe if we all sent in complaints saying if they don’t change that we’re not buying Membership anymore, and they can KISS MY MONEY BUH-BYE!!!!!!…. Sorry, I get upset easily…

    Nameless UnDEFiNed from the iPhone

    • It bites. I can understand why the start the age at 9 and not 6, but not why they end it at 12. 13-15 year olds can come up with some really good and interesting ideas, but no they just have to cut them out of the picture. Oh well, not much you can really do.

      • I contacted poptropica, and they said they are considering upping the age range, they are just trying to give younger players an advantage.

      • Yeah, I the age range is a bit of a cut off. Poptropica IS for ages 6-15. Maybe they should do two contests for two different age ranges. That would give the younger players a chance to win and would give older players a chance to participate.
        I’m still mad about the localization lock, though.

      • That would be a good idea. It would appeal to both parties and the little ones wouldn’t have to compete with the older kids.
        I’ve had to deal with US only events on game sites before, it’s nothing new.

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