Poptropica Universe Episode 6 – Plus one, Minus one

Episode 6 – Plus one, Minus one

Well, what happened next was all a whirl, but this is what I think happened.

“Don’t worry!” I said to Slippery Icicle, “I’ll get you out of there!”

I looked round and noticed Tough Spider’s Legendary Sword, lying near the edge where he had fallen off. I ran to the edge and looked over, but I couldn’t see Tough Spider anywhere. I grabbed the sword and focused.

“Lets heat things up in here!” I shouted.

Nothing happened.

I tried again. I focused so hard that my head started to hurt.

“Let’s heat things up in here!” I screamed.

The sword glowed bright red before suddenly exploding. There was smoke everywhere, and we couldn’t see anything. The sword disappeared.

After a bit of wandering around in the smoke, the smoke itself burst into flame. I screamed. It felt like I was in a oven, burning, trying to bear super high temperatures. Then the sword appeared out of nowhere and floated down to me. It was on fire, which confused me for a few seconds until I figured out exactly what I had to do next. I launched forward, thrusting the sword upwards into the air. I brought it down onto the cage Slippery Icicle was in. The result couldn’t have been more perfect. The sword exploded again, and I could hear the cage bars breaking. Another explosion followed as if it was answering the earlier one, and I got thrown into the air like a rag doll and hit the floor. The sword flew over the edge into the lava.

“Take your sword, Tough Spider!” I screamed.

“Are you alright!?” shouted Silver Wolf, as she rushed over.

“I’m fine.” I said. I could hardly speak.

“Slippery Icicle!” shouted Tough Icicle. “Are you okay?”.

“Yep,” said Slippery Icicle, “But what are we going to do about the lava!?”.

We looked down, terrified to see that the lava was nearly up to us.

“We got to get out of here!” shouted Tough Icicle.

Just then, the door opened and Spotted Dragon emerged. She nearly fell into the lava, but she caught her balance at the last second.

“What on earth is going on?” she said.

“Just save us! The lava keeps rising!” Fearless Fox screamed.

“It’s magma,” she replied, “because it hasn’t erupted onto the earth’s surface. If it ha-”

“WE DON’T CARE!” I yelled. “Science isn’t as important as a life or death situation!”

“Well,” Spotted Dragon said, a bit hurt, “I don’t know what I can do for you. I don’t have any way for you guys to get up here.”

“So you’re telling us that we’re gonna die?” I squeaked.

“Does anyone have a rope?” she asked. “Or something similar to a rope?”

No one answered.

“A ladder? A bunch of shoelaces? A grappling bowtie? Anyone?” she asked. Tears were in her eyes. She obviously thought this was the end. Deep down inside, I did too, but I refused to believe it.

“How did you guys even get here?” she asked. “Why on earth was there a huge pool of magma underneath the living quarters?”

“OWL,” Silver Wolf replied, and she told Spotted Dragon the whole story.

When she finished, Spotted Dragon was screaming “Curse you, Fearless Owl!” and the lava or magma or whatever was inches away from us. We probably had another two minutes or so.

“We’re dead!” I wailed.

All of a sudden, we were saved.

An enormous wave of water appeared out of nowhere. The only problem was that I couldn’t swim!

“SAVE ME!” I screamed. I cringed as the water hit me.

But the water seemed to be, well, helpful, as if it had a mind of its own and was determined to help out. It was cool and refreshing, and it brought us right through the door that Spotted Dragon was holding open.

Once we had all gotten through the door, the water receded behind us. There was absolutely no trace of its existence. More magma started to bubble back up, but that wasn’t a problem anymore.

“What… what… what happened?” Tough Icicle asked, dazed, “was I hallucinating?”

“No,” said Silver Wolf. “That water saved me too. It saved all of us.”

“But how did it get there? Was it sheer luck?” Spotted Dragon asked.

I knew how it had gotten there. I looked over at the pool of magma that Tough Spider had fallen into. It was still bubbling.

Everyone followed my gaze and understood.

“Well,” said Fearless Fox after a long pause. “We should get out of here before Fearless Owl,” (he shook his fist at the mention of her name), “traps us again!”

“But what about Tough Spider?” Slippery Icicle asked.

“There’s really nothing we can do…” said Silver Wolf sadly. “Hopefully his sword will keep him from…” she trailed off.

“We better go back to the Icicles’ house.” said Spotted Dragon.

We all nodded in consent and started walking up the stairs.

As we walked up the first few stairs, I looked back. There was still no sign of Tough Spider.

Things were going to be different without him and his sword to save us.

65 thoughts on “Poptropica Universe Episode 6 – Plus one, Minus one

  1. Aww.. 😥 Poor TS. 😥 WHY?!?! 😥

    I honestly LOVED this episode! 😀 I can’t wait till the next! 😀 Awesome work TS and FF! :mrgreen:

  2. Everyone! Fearless Fox and I are hosting a multiverse. The code is AHJ59. There will be a special sneak peek of something to come in the Poptropica Universe series!

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