Hello With An Announcement

Hello, PD here. I know I said I wasn’t gonna post anymore, but this you people gotta know. Well, I have two things you gotta know. First of all, Shy Singer joined his account with mine. Which is why we have that gravatar. If anyone’s wondering, the background is a rose from Poptropica… second of all, I made a new page, called Avatar Studio. You can find it under Cool Pop Things. Or if you want to check it out now, here’s the link. https://poptropicatip.wordpress.com/cool-pop-things/avatar-studio/ Β 

Enjoy, thanks.

PS: Now there will be more posts, but they will be made by SS. Also, SW, delete him from the authors list. Not us, him.


About Perfect Dolphin/Shy Singer

Hullo, PD here. I share an account with Shy Singer. I love to play Poptropica, and may I just say that 24 Carrot Island is the BEST!! I've played it so many times that I memorized my way through the vents in the Carrot Factory... Hola, Shy Singer at your service. I'm just gonna share a few quotes. "You laugh because I'm different, I laugh because you're all the same." - Unknown "I don't work at being ordinary." - Unknown "People don't cry because they're weak, they cry because they've been strong for far too long." - Unknown

15 thoughts on “Hello With An Announcement

    • I never left… O_O I just stopped posting… O_O I thought I made it clear… O_O … that AJ does the posts… O_O … and I do the pages… O_O

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