Country Cabin and Future Fest

Like before, I was looking through the Daily Pop, and I found two more pictures of what look like multiverses.

This one is called “Country Cabin”.

"One of the lost levels of Poptropica"

“One of the lost levels of Poptropica.”


Like the “Ice House” and “Fantasy Forest”, this one seems to be a multiverse as well.


And here’s “Future Fest”.

"One of the lost levels of Poptropica."

“One of the lost levels of Poptropica.”


This one also seems to be a multiverse.


What concerns me are the captions. THEY’RE ALL THE SAME!!! I’m really beginning to think we are getting new multiverses real soon. I don’t know whether they’ll have sound or not, but this is really making me believe that they are going to be multiverses. Were they multiverse ideas from before and now the Creators are going to actually do something with them? And if they are new multiverses, how many more will we be getting? What do you peeps think? Let us know in the comments!

~~Brainy Cool~~


4 thoughts on “Country Cabin and Future Fest

  1. I have to agree with MS. It might not be more Multiverses.
    Considering the caption for the pictures is “One of the lost levels of Poptropica” it might be a part of Mocktropica. 🙂

    • Yeah, me too, but there is a chance that they will be multiplayer rooms for a future island as well. Maybe even this “make-your-own” island thing we were talking about. They look kinda empty, too, so there’s a chance they could be templates for Poptropicans to furnish themselves. That or, yes, it’s a Multiverse.

      • Hmm……. Good observation! You’re right! I really didn’t think of that…. This is cool! 😀

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