Costume Par-tay!

Hey peepas! CS here! Sleepy Feather, Nameless, and I were talking, and we’ve all decided to have a, drum roll please…. *Bada, bing, bada, bing, bada, bing, …….. BOOM!* A COSTUME PARTY!!! We are going to  host a costume party on July 6th, this coming Saturday! We haven’t really decided on what time yet, so keep an eye out for the code! And you do have a few days to get your costume ready and then it’s par-tay time!!! But, you may not copy a full costume from the internet, or Poptropica. But, you can have elements of a costume. We will also have a contest. The best three costumes will win……….something. Sleepy Feather, Nameless, and I still have to confer about that. By the way, it has to be a dress-up costume, whether it’s a princess or a knight, it just can’t be anything you would wear everyday.

So, have fun with those outfits! We can’t wait to see what you all come up with! Peace out!

~~Brainy Cool~~


UPDATE: The party is in 1 hour! Get your costumes ready! I will post the room code then. Peace!


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