Poptropolis Update

First, you need to click here and read our old post that includes a similar Daily Pop. Have you read it? Okay, whatever, let’s start.

There has recently been a new sneak peek, that is about Poptropolis Games! Just like the one in the other post was (probably)! Thank the PHB for this picture:

plant your flagPlant your flag – …which is kind of hard to do when there’s no solid ground around.

See? See that amazing Black Flag Tribe? It’s not as amazing as the Nanobots flag of course, but it’s still pretty cool I guess.

But this has to mean Poptropolis is coming back in some way. Whether it is coming back or (more likely) that it is more of a under water quest.

Other Daily Pops that could relate to this are…

FishyFishy – Don’t see much joy to these fishies in the deep blue sea.

poptropica daily pop 2013 29

Fisheye – Look at this creature through a different lens

So check back with the PTFP often more more updates! 🙂



About Spotted Dragon

Art kid who's way too old to be playing Poptropica, but doing it anyway.

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