Poptropica Universe Episode 2 – A Mysterious Sword

I ran out with the note. “We have to do something!” I cried. Everyone was bawling. Tears were everywhere.
“We don’t have 100,000 Credits!” shouted Tough Icicle, with tears streaming down his cheeks. He was going pale because of fear, shock, grief, and probably tons of other emotions. To my surprise (and dismay), he passed out. Shocked, I ran over to him.
“Don’t worry, ” I said quietly, “We’ll bring her back.”
The Icicles’ mother ran over. “I’ll take care of him!” she said.
“Right,” I replied. “I’m going to bring her back.”
“No!” she cried. “They’re probably doing horrible things to my daughter. I don’t want that to happen to you.”
“Well, do you want your daughter to be killed? Because if you don’t, someone has to go save her!”
“You’re right,” she said slowly, crying. She walked over to the phone and told all my friends to come over as soon as possible; it was an emergency.
Suddenly I heard footsteps pounding down the street, and sure enough, Tough Spider, Silver Wolf, Fearless Fox and Spotted Dragon came skidding round the corner.
“What happened?” Everyone asked.
“Slippery Icicle was kidnapped and there’s a ransom of 100,000 Credits!” I said very quickly.
“What?!” shouted Fearless Fox, rushing forward.
“100,000 credits?!” said Tough Spider, in disbelief.
“We have to save her!” I shouted.
“But… but… how? Where do we start?” Silver Wolf asked.
“We’ll need weapons, and I know where to get them!” said Tough Spider. He suddenly seemed hopeful. “There’s a shop on Zomberry run by a friend of mine named Sticky Clown. He probably has some good stuff for us!”
“Well then,” I said, thinking about how the other Icicles doing and what the kidnapper was doing to her, “let’s go!”
We all piled into the blimp and headed towards Zomberry Island. After a few minutes, we arrived. A huge sign reading “Sticky Clown’s Epic Weapons, Outfits, and Other Adventuring Needs” towered above us.
We went inside. The place was packed with weapons, like laser swords, pirate swords, nunchuks, cross bows, shrink ray guns, and heaps of other stuff.
“Wow,” said Spotted Dragon, amazed.
“What can I do for you?” asked the Poptropican at the desk. “My name is Sticky Clown!”
“Oh, hi,” I said. I hardly heard him speak because I was so taken aback by all the stuff.
“I’ll have that bow and a couple of arrows, please.” said Silver Wolf, already at the desk.
“That will be 200 credits.” Said Sticky Clown.
“200 Credits?!” shouted Silver Wolf, shocked.
I turned round quickly. “Could you give us a discount or something?” I said, eagerly hoping that he’d let us get them cheaper.
“No! I can’t afford to lose any money!” Sticky Clown said angrily.
“Here you go,” said Fearless Fox, throwing a bunch of 10 credit bills on the counter. “Can I also get those nunchuks?” Everyone was amazed by the fact that he had so many credits.
“How’d you get so many credits?” I said.
“Oh, just by completing islands and saving them up.” he replied, collecting the weapons we had just brought. Sticky Clown gave Silver Wolf her bow and arrows and gave Fearless Fox his nunchuks.
“What do you want, Tough Spider?” Fearless Fox asked him. He was looking at the store’s collection of swords. He picked one out, and Fearless Fox bought it for him.
“What about you, Cool Smarticle?” Fearless Fox asked me. “What do you want?”
I rummaged around in my bag and pulled out a golden sword. “I found this on my quest to defeat E. VILE. Some call it the Legendary Sword.”
“Oh, okay,” Fearless Fox replied. “You’ll use that, then.”
“No I won’t!” I replied. “It’s useless! It’s not even sharp!” I touched the end to prove it to him. “I have no idea how to use it! I’ll bet it can’t even cut this cape in half!”
I ran over and grabbed a cape from a shelf and tried to rip it with the sword. I did not expect what happened next.
Just as I was thrusting the sword downwards, it began to glow a bright red. The cape erupted into flame as soon as I hit it. We all jumped back.
“HEY!” Sticky Clown shouted at us. “YOU BREAK IT, YOU BUY IT! THAT’S 100 CREDITS!”
Fearless Fox gave him the money while the rest of us continued to stare at the cape. It burned rather quickly, and after we finished, we turned our gaze to the sword.
“What on earth?” Tough Spider said. “Let me try…”
I gave him the sword. He took another cape off of the shelf.
“NO!” Sticky Clown shouted. “YOU GUYS ARE DESTROYING MY STORE!”
We all ignored him stared at Tough Spider. He stared at the cape. He seemed to be concentrating.
Suddenly the sword glowed a bright red, much brighter than before. He struck the cape and the entire room burst into flames.
Five of us started screaming, but Tough Spider still seemed to be concentrating. The sword suddenly glowed a bright blue. He swiped at the burning cape and a huge wave came across the room.
That was when I remembered I can’t swim.
I started thrashing about, trying to stay above the water. I might of drowned, but luckily Tough Spider hit the wet cape one last time with a flashing green sword. The water disappeared and everything was dry.
Everyone silently stared at him. Spotted Dragon broke the silence.
“I’ve seen a lot of scientific wonders in my life,” she said. “I’ve seen the fusion of atoms to make new elements, I’ve seen atoms being split to create huge bursts of energy. But never in my life have I seen a magical sword.”
Tough Spider silently walked back to me. He held the sword out and said “Here, it’s yours.”
“Y-y-you’re joking right?” I replied. I still couldn’t believe what I had just seen this store go through.
“It IS yours,” he said.
“I can’t control it! How did you-?”
“I’ve had a lot of experience with swords. I’ve heard tales about the Legendary Sword, but until now I had never seen the sword that listens to you. I’ve practiced with regular swords, thinking ‘light this on fire!’ or ‘let’s have some water!’ but of course it doesn’t work on regular swords, and, as I’ve found out, it’s a lot more complicated than that.”
“Let’s trade swords,” I said. “I’ll take the one you just bought, and you can have mine. After all, you can use it and I can’t.”
We traded swords. We were both happy with our trade. Tough Spider was in the process of trying to teach me how to use the Legendary Sword when someone ran into the store. He/she was wearing a mask; I couldn’t tell who he/she was. But there was one thing I could tell: he/she was holding a gun.
“Hands up!” the poptropican said, pointing the gun around. “This is a robbery!”


163 thoughts on “Poptropica Universe Episode 2 – A Mysterious Sword

  1. 1. Where’s the Poptropica Universe page?????
    2. I have an idea. I think there should be a page under Poptropica Universe that shows the pictures of us we sent to FF. And next to the pic. Our roll and description of whatever. I know you guys made a roll time post, but it’s just an idea.

  2. Awesome! Can’t wait for the next episode!!! 😀
    @FF/TS – Do I already have my belt of small weapons that I asked for? Or do I still have to get it, during this robbery?

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