Counterfeit Island Guide!

Guess what? The ATP has a new guide! Finally! It’s for Counterfeit Island and it is made by moi! Yep, french! Just like Counterfeit Island, eh?

Anyway find by clicking here.

Here is the first part of it, kinda like a preview so you can just take a look at it:

Balloon Boy & Trash Treasure

When you land on Counterfeit Island run all the way to the right, to the down town area and head inside Bo-Bo’s Clown Store. (BTW: The Common Room is The Moldy Baguette Inn) When your in grab the free green balloon. Then run all the way to your right, into the country side. Give the balloon to the crying boy. (If you talk to the boy before getting the balloon the girl next to him will say he wants a green balloon in french) The boy floats away and becomes known as balloon boy!

poptropica cf 1

Go back down town and go right until you come across 2 trashcans. Click the open one and search through it for 2 orange tickets. Now go back to main street and go into the internet cafe. Talk to the man to the right (Balloon Boy is on TV! Yikes!). Go to your inventory and pull out the tickets you found dumpster diving. He’ll thank you for finding his tickets by giving you one of them. Worth the trashcan digging, right? 😛

(There is also a computer game you can play in the cafe!) While your there pick up the loose page from the French-English dictionary. The page would’ve help you get the green balloon for Balloon Boy. Now climb to one of the windows at the cafe towards the right. There you will find 1 of the 6 torn pieces of a picture.

We will hopefully have more guides soon! Counterfeit is one of my favorite, mostly because I love crimes, drawing, Balloon Boy, and the Black Widow. So if you haven’t played the island, I strongly suggest it! 🙂



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