Episode 7 of the PD and Wolfy Show – Time to Leave!

PD: We’re back!
Wolfy: We thank you for letting us know your opinions by the way. It really gave us ideas that finally managed to-
PD: -break our writer’s block.
Wolfy: PD! You already recap. We discussed these things. You recap, and I give the viewers info.
PD: Well, too bad. πŸ˜›
*The crowd shouts at them to calm down…again.*
Wolfy/PD: Fine, fine. xD
PD: Anyway, all that happened was that we got captured and I came up with an idea.
Wolfy: So,Β you’reΒ the one that came up with the idea? I came up with the idea!!!
*The curtains rise and PD and Wolfy’s bickering gets fainter.*
PD: What’s your idea?
Wolfy: Check in your bag… I thought we might get into a sticky situation like this…
PD: Okay…?
*PD looks in her bag and finds a grappling hook.*
PD: Why, out of EVERY SINGLE THING in Poptropica, would you put a grappling hook in my bag?!?! Besides, I haveΒ neverΒ seen a grappling hook in Poptropica. By the way, I pack my own bag, thank you very much. NO ONE TOUCHES MY BAG! O_O
Wolfy: I don’t why I got it… It was the first thing I saw in my dad’s tool chest right before we left!
PD: Okay…. Whatever. 😐
*PD then shoots the rope toward the glass ceiling. The hook breaks through the glass and punctures the hard wood.*
Wolfy: This should hold up. Um… have any helmets in your bag? We may get some scrapes.
PD: Yeah. Here.
*PD hands Wolfy a helmet.*
PD: How can all this stuff fit in my bag?!?!
Wolfy. How should I know??? It’sΒ yourΒ bag.
*PD grabs the handle on the grappling hook and screams. She crashes through the glass and lands on a secure place far away from the hole.*
PD: Good thing I have on a helmet…
Wolfy: Just throw the grappling hook handle down here.
PD: Okay.Β 
*The grapple hook falls and lands on PD’s pillow. Wolfy repeats the process and also lands safely on the roof.*
PD: You would think they would have a better security system for such a wealthy agency…
Wolfy: Who cares! Let’s go!
*PD and Wolfy hop into their blimp, which happens to be right next to them, because the LLM moved it there for inspection.*
PD: That was almost too easy… Anyway, where do ya wanna go?
Wolfy: Anywhere besides here, but if I had a choice, Back Lot is fine. We may even meet a movie star. 😎
PD: Okay. Off we go!
*PD and Wolfy endure the VERY long trip to the far West.*
PD: We’re almost there!
Wolfy: Woo-hoo! This day has actually gone well for once.
*Thunder roars loudly.*
Wolfy: I-I didn’t know there was going to be a thunderstorm… 😯
PD: Aww… Don’t tell me big girl Wolfy is afraid of a little rain… πŸ™„ I love rainstorms. They’re peaceful… except maybe hurricanes…
Wolfy: Well, I’m not! 😳
PD: Sure, Wolfy, sure… πŸ˜†
*Rain starts to fall*
Wolfy: PD! Your pigment is fading! The rain is washing it off!
PD: By the angel, woo! :mrgreen:
Wolfy: I can see Back –
*Lightning strikes nearby*
Wolfy: Could his get anyΒ worse?!?!
PD: *face palm* You just HAD to say that! It ALWAYS gets worse!
Wolfy: What will happen to us? Is it something bad, or will it end up being good?
PD: I don’t know, Wolfy. WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT!?!?
Wolfy: I wanted to say a famous line. πŸ˜›
PD: Whatever.
PD/Wolfy: We’ll see you next time on the PD and Wolfy Show! BAI!

About Silver Wolf

Hiya, I'm Silver Wolf, more commonly known as SW or Wolfy. I love animals, books, playing video games (Overwatch, Life is Strange, Undertale, & Elder Scrolls), crocheting, and Poptropica. My favorite island on Poptropica is Mocktropica Island, and my favorite villains are Black Widow and Binary Bard.

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