Mocktropica Tips For Poptropicans?

BT was looking through the Daily Pop and came across this picture:

operating system

Then she noticed what it said in small print:

It says Mocktropica. Weird. Then, to check, BT looked up, which redirects to Poptropica! After a Whois search apparently Pearson (Poptropica) had bought that URL on April 8, 2013! Does this mean the island after Virus Hunter is Mocktropica? If it is, it’s pretty impressive that the Poptropicans have figured it out before the Creators wanted us to this early! ;)

So BT also checked out some of the Daily Pops that could relate to this island, such as these:

Idea Generator: Spin to win, try your luck.

Poppycock: Nothing like a virtual assistant who’s virtually useless.

What are your thoughts about all this? :? (Credit to the PHB for all the pictures)



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Art kid who's way too old to be playing Poptropica, but doing it anyway.

25 thoughts on “Mocktropica Tips For Poptropicans?

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  2. No way… this is so cool…
    Okay guys, I’m probably wrong, but you know what that first picture looks like to me? It looks like…
    That would be SO cool! We could create our own islands with a few clicks!
    What makes me think it’s an editor? Well, first of all, it says “EDITOR” in capital letters on the bottom. It has layer toolbar, which could let us make buildings and create new backgrounds. It’s got a file menu, too, and there’s a post-it that says “Deadlines are no joke!” Maybe that could be a reference to how stressed out the creators are in meeting deadlines? I don’t know.
    The other really interesting thing is the top bar thing. It says:
    Well, there is a site called, and I think it’s like the “Programming Home” of poptropica, where the creators program everything. And if you go to you get a FORBIDDEN error.
    So I did a bit of research about and found this:
    which seems to be a list of islands, their programming names and …coordinates?
    Anyway, this seems to be one of few files that does not end in .swf. I looked up the file extension .wip and it’s some file extention for some program. Not Poptropica related at all. Of course, WIP could also just stand for work in progress.
    That was a long comment!

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