Winter Is Here Early!

Hello, I’m Slippery Icicle and I’m a new author here at PTFP. Thanks to SW, who decided to make the contestants of the “The 1 More Contest” all authors!

I should probably say a bit about myself now. I’m a girl in love with life and lives it to the fullest. I’m artistic and enjoy trying out new techniques and project ideas. I also like listening to music so much that it drowns out the noises and voices of everything and everyone around me.

Now, enough about my general life; here’s some stuff about my Poptropica life. I enjoy playing Poptropica, and I try to visit it every day. While waiting for new islands to come, I make outfits, which is something that I do a lot. Alongside with regular posts, I’ll probably contribute a few outfits when I can.

Thanks for reading!

Blue Beauty



About Slippery Icicle

Life is a journey, an adventure, a road with twists and turns. Something that I'm in love with. I hope my life is full of friends and loved ones. I'll forever love life.

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