Hello Everyone!

Hi there! I’m Cool Smarticle, a new author on PTFP! I’ve been commenting on this site for awhile now and I recently won the 1 More contest, (Sorry for those of you who didn’t. I wish we all could have).

Here’s a little bit of Poptropica related info about me. I’ve been playing Poptropica ever since 2010 or 2011. My Poptropica username is classified! 😀 I do not have membership, but I wish I did! As of right now, I have beaten every island which means I have 34 island medallions. My favorite Island just so happens to be Monster Carnival Island, the island that never became an actual island! 😀 I can’t say what my least favorite island is, because…… I don’t have one! 🙂 I am proud to be apart of the Seraphim tripe.  My battle ranking is a 3.6 😦 My favorite villian is Dr. Hare. I also answered all of my Daily Pop questions! 😛

Here’s a bit of info about me in general. I am absolutely obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog! I’ve loved it ever since I was 5 or 6, and still do! My favorite Characters are  Blaze the Cat, Amy Rose, Wave the Swallow, Shadow the Hedgehog, and of course, Sonic. I also like Pokemon, just like Silver Wolf and Tough Spider! My favorite Pokemon are Roselia, Torchic, Eevee, and Celebi.  My favorite subjects at school are Band, Math, and Social Studies.  That’s all for now! Toodles!

Time to talk with other Poptropicans, Poptropican! :)

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